Rashid Johnson, Fly Away

Hauser & Wirth

The talk of the art world for the last week has been Fly Away, specifically the installation, Antoine’s Organ, “the largest architectural grid work Rashid Johnson has ever shown in the United States. ‘Comprising an empty lattice of bare black scaffolding filled with a variety of signifying objects, including books, video screens, mounds of shea butter, and live plants in ceramic vessels hand-built and decorated by Johnson,’”  The work is inspired by the African diaspora. It is a sight to behold as Johnson has placed an upright piano in the center of the installation. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3 – 5 PM and Saturdays, 1 – 4 PM renowned classically trained pianist Antoine Baldwin will play in the center of it.

Group Show, SMS SOS: Text, Texture, Gesture

Marlborough Chelsea (Upstairs)


Featuring the likes of Josh Smith, Devin Troy Strother, Adam McEwen, Kathe Burkhart and Davina Semo, amongst others, the exhibition explores how text can become imagery itself — transcending and transforming the original messaging of each piece.

Jonas Wood, Portraits

Anton Kern

Woods’ 5th solo exhibition at the gallery is deeply personal — he presents a series of portraits that feature close family, friends, memories, art objects, heroes and himself. Wood is truly one of the greatest painters of this generation and Portraits does not disappoint.

Caitlyn Keogh, Loose Ankles


This is Caitlin Keogh’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. She uses a pop color palette to paint broken feminine bodies and texts that explore the unraveling and simultaneous tangling of the fixed self, gender and body in the context of art history.

Osgemeos, Silence of the Music

Lehmann Maupin

The Brazilian street art duo Os Gemeos have created a fully immersive space featuring their signature characters — transforming the four rooms of the gallery into an installation combining drawing, painting, collage, mixed media sculpture, and audio. This vibrant exhibition is a treat for all of the senses.