1. Faile, Fantasque Desafiador (Click here to view)

2. Josh Reames, Houseplant (Click here to view)

Sometimes you see a painting and you’re like “yeah, that works.” So.. yeah this is good one.

3. Jonas Wood, Green Star Clipping 1 (Click here to view)

Jonas Wood: His subject matter is often plants and/or sports. A man after my own heart.

4. Eddie Martinez, Untitled (Click here to view)

Eddie Martinez is the next great American painter—if he’s not that already, and while this is not a painting, it is a great entry into his abstract world at fantastic price point.

5. Conor Harrington, The Savages (Click here to view)

If you have enough room in your place for this piece, you have enough money to buy it. And do buy it, because Connor is great painter and his work harkens back to colonial times where a punch wouldn’t land you in jail or with a lawsuit.

6. Joshua Abelow, Untitled (Click here to view)

Dude always paints the same cotton club dancers. Repetition works… along with those jazz hands.

7. Vicky Wright, He Who Controls The Future (Click here to view)

These caught my eye at one of those big pop-up art shopping malls. What you can’t gauge from the internet is its scale. Wow. Kinda reminds me of a bulbous nude descending a staircase

8. Sarah Lucas, Tit Teddy Aids (Click here to view)

Baby Bear with a Boner… Tit Teddy Aids… Same thing. Just don’t sit on it.

9. Stanley Donwood, Genteel Frisk (Click here to view) 

The first artist I ever interviewed not on email was Stanley Donwood. He’s a hell of character, and as good an artist with ideas as you’ll meet. This one’s titled Genteel Frisk. Think about it.

10. Jim Drain, Untitled (Click here to view)

Might need some insecticide for those flowers.