Franca Sozzani has been Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia since 1988.

Since 1994, she’s also been the Editorial Director of Condé Nast Italia.

In addition to Vogue Italia, in 2006 she became the Editor-in-Chief of l’Uomo Vogue and since 2008 she has also been in charge at Vogue Gioiello. She started Vogue.it in February 2010.

The Washington Post defined Vogue.it as one of the most unique websites in the world as it challenged new fields never broached before in fashion through Vogue Black, Vogue Curvy and New Talent.

1. Russel Young, Marilyn Crying (Click here to view)

This piece conveys the agony and ecstasy of such a timeless and iconic figure.

2. Josephine Durkin, Flora 1 (Click here to view)

This piece immediately takes your imagination on a journey filled with energy, positivity, and mediating.

3. Adam Ball, Shine (Click here to view)

This piece to me depicts harmony and chaos, contained and controlled.

4. Caroline Jane Harris, Untitled (Click here to view)

The beautiful craft and the organic symmetry.

5. Jim Lambie, Metal Box (Tahiti) (Click here to view)

The synthesis of the art and craft epitomizes our need for both.

6. Xavier Veilhan, Alice (Click here to view)

Celebrates the strength and determination of the modern woman.

7. Chris Levine, She’s Light (Kate Moss) (Click here to view)

A serene mirror of the moment.

8. Kendell Geers, The World Made Flesh XVI (Click here to view)

Evokes the atmosphere of strength in struggle.

9. Carne Griffiths, Sunlight (Click here to view)

The gentleness of the touch inspires reflection

10. Damien Hirst, 1-Pentadecanol (Click here to view)

Always original, yet recognisable worldwide with a distinct style that challenges the mind.