The Goss-Michael Foundation is currently exhibiting "INSTINCTS, an inaugural solo exhibition at the foundation’s new space on Wycliff Avenue with a series of site specific paintings and sculptures by internationally renowned Cuban-American and Brooklyn based artist, José Parlá, running through November 11th, 2016 - the show is curated by Michael Mazurek and will debut original works by the highly ebullient painter. 

To José Parlá, painting is a sensual instinct that allows him to create free-forms, a trait he cannot shake. When he paints, he is in the moment. As Parlá states, “Painting is my ritual and the drive that pushes me forward; my evolution. My upbringing and social learning play a part, but I have been making art primarily based on this ability, to sense a gift that has propelled me into creative action for so many years.”

This awareness and creative instinct have been with the artist most of his life and continues as the main theme of inquiry for his exhibition at The Goss-Michael Foundation in Dallas, Texas. Expanding on previous motifs and exploring new ideas in bypassing the consciousness of self-creative control, the artist embarks on a journey of playful investigation with color and space; the primitive relationship between word and image; and erasure, reflection, and introspection. 

With concepts originating from the streets of Miami, the paintings willfully displace themselves from the point of their birth. Yet, Parlá is interested in the sincerity of this place and where it has taken his work, a place layered with shared experience. The paintings now populate an interior space, but do so as markers, recounting an accumulated history, both literally in sections of paint and conceptually through their calligraphic-like transcriptions. His work for the foundation continues in the tradition of this abstraction. The new combinations of color are beautifully intense and the works have an aura of heightened awareness that explore the slowing down of time and amplify the territories of Parlá’s personal consciousness" (Press release).