Top photograph by Emile Dubuisson

Top photograph by Emile Dubuisson

Julie is an artist and designer that hails from Paris and lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. While visiting her studio she was constructing one of her giant wall hangings. She shared her influences with us, as well as talked about the the importance of working with her hands and why she transitioned away from the traditional fashion world. 

1. How long have you had your studio space?

I have been in my studio space 4 years now, it was not always an art studio, there is a time where it used to be a small store. The space is evolving with my work.

2. What is the best part of your studio?

The windows, it is very important for me to have direct natural light, an eye on the outside, that way I feel less isolated! 

3. What are your favorite places in the neighborhood?

Isa, it’s a beautiful restaurant that reminds me of being at the mountains, and Nighthawk because I love a glass of wine during movies.

4. Originally you had a background in fashion – how/why did you transition from that to wall displays, print editions, and accessories?

I didn’t really feel fashion was for me, I didn’t like the production world and the straightening of the calendar, I was mainly doing business and couldn’t create anymore. With wall displays, jewelry and objects I am free and can design whatever I have in mind and I don’t have to worry about production since I am spending most my time taking care of this part. I need to make things with my hands and I love the handmade work that comes with it. Now I have time to develop other one-time projects like I just did for J.Crew. 

5. Can you talk to us about the concepts behind your hanging wall pieces?

I wanted to have some objects that are not gallery pieces and not industrial design but a mix between them, more like lifestyle pieces. When I started those “jewelry for walls” I didn’t really see anything like it. When creating there is a big part that is intuition and what I feel like making, that is the result of my music/movies and travel influences. My style is a mix between minimal, 70s, contemporary aesthetic, and 80s/90s colors.

6. What inspires your work?

Architecture/ A LOT of music/ movies and travels.

7. What music in particular influences your work/i.e. what are you listening to right now?

House music, new wave, disco, nu disco, psych, a bit of underground techno and new bands as well.

8. You make everything yourself by hand in your studio, why is this important to you?

Yes, it is important for me because I am a very hands-on worker and I would not like doing industrial scale products.

9. Is there a movie(s) in particular that you draw inspiration from while creating?

Not in Particular but there is nothing better than watching movies to relax I love dark comedy taking place in the old NY like After Hours or with crazy white landscape like Fargo.

10. In a conversation we had you mentioned that minimalism and Iceland influence your work, can you elaborate on this?

Those colors of sulfuric and blue shades of Iceland’s hot springs influenced me for the gradient necklaces that I did, and Scandinavian interior design in general.