This year’s music curators for the evening are New York based artists, Dan Colen and Nate Lowman

Both Colen and Lowman have shown at galleries and museums around the world. They are known for their affinity to use low-cultural ephemera in sculpture and on canvas. 

Colen is widely recognized for his graffiti-covered boulders, chewed gum, lipstick and flower petal dye covered canvases, smoke signal and bird shit paintings.

Lowman channels smiley faces, bullet holes, air freshner Christmas trees, as well as a range of other lowbrow themes, that are ultimately elevated to a somewhat mythical status.

Both artists have distinct and highly-recognizable styles that explore beauty in gestures and materials that are in large part taken for granted. They are synonymous with the post 9/11 art scene in New York. Part of this scene involves music. I.U.D. which is comprised of Sadie Laska and Lizzi Bougatsos are not only the Colen's and Lowman's friends, but also contemporaries. I.U.D. will be performing a special piece in the Goss-Michael Foundation on April 10th, the night of the event.