Photo courtesy of Richard Phillips Studio

Photo courtesy of Richard Phillips Studio

My inspiration for RE:DEFINE is based on my love of rock’n’roll and its strong connection with art beyond the limits of established culture.  Since RE:DEFINE benefits the MTV Staying Alive Foundation I wanted to unite anew the presence of pure rock’n’roll with MTV and art in a way that draws a connection with its founding spirit. When it comes to the unity between rock’n’roll and art the Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol remain the ultimate examples. 

When I was approached to curate the music for this years RE:DEFINE event it was in the lineage of the Velvets that I immediately thought of the band Starred, whose authentic embodiment of all that is rock’n’roll is resetting the terms of this generation’s music.  Thinking further to those who occupy the vaunted position of icons of hardcore rock’n’roll Jennifer Herrema of the Black Bananas and formerly of the Royal Trux came immediately to mind. I invited Jennifer to perform at RE:DEFINE with her partner Kurt Midness, thinking that with Black Bananas and Starred in tandem we could create an evening where ground destroying rock’n’roll provides the energy to inspire change through philanthropy and open up creative channels much in the way that the MTV Staying Alive Foundation does for the communities it serves.

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