1. JPW3, Hive Mind (Click here to view)

Someone many (including us) have taken notice. This up and coming MFA graduate of University of Souther California is turning heads from Cali to New York.

2. Conor Harrington, Savages (Click here to view)

One of the most precise and passionate individuals I have ever met. Conor’s techniques are astonishing as he effortlessly weaves realism and abstraction into powerful compositions.

3. Maya Hayuk, BONFIRE PART 1 (Click here to view) 

Her colors and geometric compositions have always caught our attention. Her recent mural at the iconic corner of Bowery & Houston in New York City has attracted attention from legions of New Yorkers.

4. Daniel Arsham, Steel Eroded Hasselblad Camera (Click here to view)

Unique in his concept of the arts, a mystery how he creates the past in the future with the present. 

5. Michael Craig-Martin, LCD Portrait Commission (Click here to view)

Ever romanticized the time honored tradition of having a great artist commission a portrait of you… on a 52 inch LCD screen? This modern reflection is worth the price of admission.

6. Stanley Donwood, Genteel Frisk (Click here to view)

Remember Radiohead’s OK computer? Yes, this is artist that brought that to life that music. Take this journey if you can.

 7. Mariah Robertson, 306 (Click here to view)

After a knock out exhibition at American Contemporary, Mariah is one of the new guards that have inspired many to rethink their view on photography as an artistic medium.

8. Faile, Fantasque Desafiador (Click here to view)

After an impressive exhibition at the Dallas Contemporary and being the first artist to be chosen to work with New York City Ballet, they still have many tricks up their sleeves. Check this finely crafted work that screams attention by using just copper and wood…

9. Damien Hirst, 1-Pentadecanol (Click here to view)

Mr. Hirst’s talent for making you stop & feel is surpassed only by his charity. We literally traveled around the world to catch his Spot Retrospective at all the Gagosian’s scattered across the globe. 

10. Antony Micallef, The Assembly (Click here to view)

Conveys so much with so little. Micallef’s ability to pull emotions with simple gestures have always taken us to places we don’t plan to go.